Ông Nguyễn Văn Sơn

Q. Chủ Tịch VIPA

  1. Summary

– Vietnamese name:

Hội doanh nghiệp Sản xuất và Kinh doanh thuốc bảo vệ thực vật Việt Nam

– International name: Vietnam Pesticide Association

– Abbreviation: VIPA

– Email: vietnam.vipa@gmail.com

– Website: www.vipa.vn

– Address: Apt. 702, 676 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Viet Nam

–  Account name: Hội doanh nghiệp Sản xuất và Kinh doanh thuốc BVTV Việt Nam (Vietnam Pesticide Association)

– Account number: 1200208006739 opened at Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Hanoi Branch.

Vietnam Pesticide Association (VIPA) is a voluntary and professional organization of enterprises that produce and trade pesticide in Vietnam, which established under the Decision No. 1100/QD-BNV dated August 09th, 2006 of the Minister of Home Affairs and operates under the “Charter of Vietnam Pesticide Association” as approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs under Decision No. 1542/QD-BNV dated December 12th, 2006.

The target of this Association is to gather, encourage and assist its members in production, business, research and application of pesticide production technology; motivate and educate its members to comply with the laws and regulations of the Party, the State and the governing authorities in the production and trade of pesticide; protect the legitimate benefits of its members. VIPA and its members are pioneers in building the industry of pesticide production in Vietnam.


  1. Establishment of VIPA:

– On September 10th, 2005, Mr. Tran Quang Hung, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Plant Protection Association is assigned a task by this Association to promote the procedures for establishing Vietnam Pesticide Association (under Decision No. 177/QD-TC).

– On January 16th, 2006, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development made Decision No. 175/QD-BNN-TCCB which signed by the Deputy Minister Bui Ba Bong to specify: “Recognize the Campaign Board for establishing Vietnam Pesticide Association”.

– The Minister of Home Affairs signed the Decision No. 1100/QD-BNV dated August 09th, 2006 on establishing “Vietnam Pesticide Association” and its operations subject to “Charter of Vietnam Pesticide Association” as approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs according to Decision No. 1541/QD-BNV dated December 12th, 2006.

– The Association successfully organized the First National Congress on September 22nd, 2006 in Hanoi and elected Mr. Tran Quang Hung as the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Association.

– On May 24th, 2012, the Second Congress of the Association was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City.

III. Orientation of the Association’s operations

– Actively contribute to building a strong pesticide market, promoting the development of Vietnam’s national pesticide production industry.

– Build a culture of pesticide enterprises in which pesticide enterprises should thoroughly grasp competitive principles in accordance with the law, actively invest in human resources, science and technology to improve themselves; comply with domestic laws and international commitments. Pesticide enterprises should consider this as a goal and motivation for economic and cultural development.

– Strengthen the unity and cooperation among all members, determinedly implement a number of “Association” programs to serve the production and trade of Vietnam Pesticide Association.

– Promote the social criticism and appraisal of pesticides, provide opinions on legal documents, closely cooperate with Plant Protection Department and support all efforts of the Department in the management of pesticides.

– Firmly grasp the enterprise’s progression for timely assistance and protection of the members’ legitimate benefits.

– Strengthen international cooperation in pesticide production and business; establish the relationship with international pesticide production and business organizations.

Production, trade and use of pesticide in our country was formed since the 1950s of previous century, but for the first time in Vietnam, there is a professional association of pesticides, which plays a central role of solidarity and cooperation for the development of Vietnam’s pesticide enterprises. This is a traditional continuation of business ethics of our predecessors “Birds of a feather flock together” of Vietnam’s agricultural materials industry.

VIPA is one of the four organizations of the four founding member countries of “Asian Agrochemical Association” that has been working actively and effectively with its member enterprises.

VIPA has good relationships with pesticide and agrochemical associations around the world such as: Sub-Council of Chemical Industry, China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA), Food Association of the Russian Federation, Agrochemical Association of the Russian Federation, Korea Chemical Association, Korea Pesticide Association, Indian Agrochemical Association, etc.

  1. Principles of conduct of Vietnam Pesticide Association’s members

The members of Vietnam Pesticide Association support and help each other in the basis of “Cooperation for development” which is both the awareness of cultural behaviors among its members and the development motivation of the Association:

  1. In all of its pesticide production and trade activities, VIPA’s member enterprises always show their professional community, support each other and strive for a Vietnamese pesticide manufacturing industry that is well-developed in the region and in the world; strive for a rich and healthy Vietnamese pesticide market to serve the benefits of the State, farmers and member enterprises. For domestic pesticide enterprises subject to foreign economy and pesticide enterprises operating in the territory of Vietnam that are not yet an official member or associate member of VIPA, VIPA’s member enterprises need to conduct cooperation for development, for the benefit of Vietnam’s agricultural production; should not conduct activities that hinder each other and infringe upon the legitimate interests of each other.
  2. While carrying out production and trade activities of pesticides, VIPA’s member enterprises should not cause material damage or obstruct the pesticides production and trade activities of other VIPA’s member enterprises.
  3. VIPA member enterprises need to set up reasonable market policies on prices, promotions, and liabilities so that they do not affect or cause economic losses and reputation damage to other VIPA’s member enterprises.
  4. No dumping of pesticides in any form.
  5. Do not use or take advantage of opportunities when other members of VIPA have difficulties to profit for themselves without taking into consideration the consequences that may cause damage to the pesticide market and other VIPA’s member enterprises.
  6. Willing to support and assist other members of VIPA when they have difficulties in the production and trade of pesticides.
  7. Notify the Association of bad debt or unsecured debtors and regularly look up the list of above-mentioned debtors of other enterprises on the Association’s website for awareness and adjustment of sales activities.
  8. In case of disagreements between member enterprises as well as between VIPA member enterprises and non-VIPA member enterprises, discussion and negotiation must be conducted in the basis of reconciliation and mutual reputation preservation.
  9. In cases where VIPA member enterprises violate the above principles of conduct, they will be penalized according to the seriousness of the violation.


  1. VIPA member list

Since the establishment of the Association, the list of VIPA members has changed. The current number of members (on January 01st, 2020) is 60 of which 48 members are enterprises producing and trading pesticides nationwide and 4 members are Research institutes and Agricultural Science and Technology Centers, 5 individual members  are scientific and technological researchers and experienced managers of the pesticide industry. Currently, VIPA has official members and associate members:

Enterprise members

  1. ADC Company Limited
  2. An Nong Group Company Limited
  3. Central Plant Protection Joint Stock Company No. 1
  4. Vietnam Agro-Pesticide Joint Stock Company
  5. Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company
  6. NICOTEX Joint Stock Company
  7. HAI Agrochem Joint Stock Company
  8. Hoabinh International Corporation
  9. Dibapest Bioagrochem Corporation
  10. Vietnam Pesticide Joint Stock Company
  11. Viet Thang Company Limited
  12. Nam Bac Company Limited
  13. High Tech Product Company Limited
  14. Dien Khanh Trading – Service Company Limited
  15. Kien Nam Joint Stock Company
  16. Tan Thanh Agrochemical Company Limited
  17. Green Fields Joint Stock Company
  18. A Chau Biochemical Company Limited
  19. Shandong weifang rainbow chemical Group

20.Tay Do Long An Material Joint Stock Company

  1. Duc Thanh Plant Protection & Fertilizer Company Limited
  2. Thon Trang Production Company Limited
  3. Hoang Nong Joint Stock Company
  4. Can Tho Pesticide Joint Stock Company
  5. Viet Trung Pesticide Joint Stock Company – Long An
  6. King Elong Company Limited

27.Advanced Agriculture Solution Joint Stock Company

28.Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company (An Giang Pesticide Branch)

29.ATC Plant Protection Joint Stock Company

30.Bao Nong Viet Joint Stock Company

  1. Vietnam Agrisolution Company Limited
  2. ASIATIC Agriculture Industries PTE in Ho Chi Minh City
  3. Phu Nong Company Limited
  4. JIA NON BIOTECH (VN) Shareholding Company
  5. Hop Tri Investment Corporation
  6. Viet Nong Plant Protection Joint Stock Company
  7. Hong Duc International Company Limited
  8. HP Agriculture Joint Stock Company
  9. GNC Trading – Production Company Limited
  10. World Vision (VN) Co.,LTD

Members who are scientific and technological research institutions:

  1. Experimental center for innovative technologies in agriculture, under Agricultural Genetics Institute.
  2. Plant Protection Consulting And Investment Develop Company Limited, Plant Protection Research Institute
  3. Institute of Ecology and Works Protection.
  4. Vietnam Institute of Industrial Chemistry – R&D Center of Bioactive Compounds

Individual members :

  1. Mr. Nguyen Van Son
  2. Mr. Tran Quang Hung
  3. Prof. D.Sc. Tran Duy Quy
  4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Hai
  5. Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh

VI- Achievements of VIPA:

          During 14 years of operation, VIPA has gathered pesticide enterprises in an engaged, oriented operation organization, also directed the implementation and management of pesticides to achieve good results in accordance with the policy of the Party, the government and the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, etc.. . . which greatly contributed to the rapid development of the country’s agriculture as well as the program “Global Food Security”, and especially in the development of Vietnam’s national pesticide production industry.

Many member enterprises and individuals have achieved state-level emulation awards such as:

  • Hero of Labor Huynh Van Thon, Chairman cum General Director Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company.
  • First-class Labor Medal
  • Second-class Labor Medal
  • Third-class Labor Medal
  • Vietnam’s Golden Rice Award
  • Vietnam’s Gold Star Award.

VII- List of VIPA Association leaders:

  • Nguyen Van Son – Acting Chairman cum General Secretary, tel: 0906514668
  • Vice Chairs:

+ Mr. Hoang Hai, Chairman of the Board of Directors – An Nong Group Company Limited, tel: 0974003311

+ Mr. Le Van Thinh, Deputy General Director of Viet Thang Company Limited, tel: 0989886986

+ Mr. Dang Van Thong, Chairman of the Board cum General Director of Central Plant Protection   Joint Stock Company No. 1,  tel: 0945118788

+ Mr. Quach Thanh Dong, General Director of HAI Agrochem Joint Stock Company, tel: 0918033598

VIII. List of VIPA Standing Committee

  1. Acting Chairman cum General Secretary Nguyen Van Son
  2. Vice Chairman Hoang Hai
  3. Vice Chairman Le Van Thinh
  4. Vice Chairman Dang Van Thong
  5. Vice Chairman Quach Thanh Dong
  6. Mr. Tran Nguyen Toan – Chairman of the Board of Directors – A Chau Biochemical Company Limited
  7. Mrs. Trinh Thi Mai Lan, NICOTEX Joint Stock Company, VIPA’s Head of Inspection Department
  8. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tu Oanh, Chairman of the Board of Viet Trung Pesticide Joint Stock Company – Long An

9.Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung  – General manager of Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company, Standing committee member VIPA.

  1. Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hai- Chairman of the Board of members Hoang Nong Joint Stock Company, Standing committee member VIPA.

11.Mr. Nguyen Viet Nghia – General manager of  Viet Nong Plant Protection Joint Stock Company, Standing committee member VIPA.